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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  January 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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but now you say you never want me to go anywhere near your fund-raisers. forgive me, but that sounds like a mixed message. here we go again. if there's simply no talking to me, why did you call? i'm sorry, someone's on the other line. why don't you see if you can organize your thoughts, and we'll try again later. cooper-hofstadter residence. go for cooper. good morning, mrs. latham. well, yes, of course i remember you. a woman well past her prime seeking to augment her social status by doling out her late husband's ill-gotten gains. so, how much money are you going to give me? i'm not crazy-- my mother had me tested.
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well, if you're not going to give me money, then why are you calling? she wants to talk to you. who's crazy now? hello, mrs. latham. yes, i live with him. i don't... i-i really don't know why. tonight? sure, that'd be great. okay, i'll see you then. bye. she wants to have dinner and talk about my research. an entire dinner to talk about your research? where you going, the drive-thru at jack in the box? well, wherever we're going, she's sending a car to pick me up. okay, i see what's happening. what? my stature intimidates her, so she's using you to get to me. crafty old gal.
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excuse me, but you are not the only distinguished scientist in this apartment. i've been published in peer-reviewed journals, i received a dissertation of the year award for experimental particle physics. no, that can't be it. and since you seem to have forgotten, the reason we live together is we're best friends. and i got your back, jack. that was a great meal. i'm glad you enjoyed it. the only time i eat this well is when my mom's in town and she takes me out to dinner. is that so? you kind of remind me of her. she enjoys making people uncomfortable, too. well, you remind me of a boy i dated in college. no kidding. sweet boy. very smart. if only he'd had money. yeah, um... so, hey, speaking of money, how are you feeling about helping the physics department get a cryogenic centrifugal pump and molecular sieve?
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well, i must say, you make a very persuasive case for it. oh, good, good. and i'm seriously considering taking it to the next level. terrific. great. what level is that? okay, now you don't remind me of my mom. i'm sorry, so, eventually, zombies are going to attack the rehab facility where sandra bullock is? yes, sheldon. keep watching. you know, it's a shame, all that work she's doing to get sober, only to be torn apart and eaten alive. hey. how was dinner? swell. i need a drink. do we have any alcohol? no. but we have potatoes-- i could make you vodka. it'll take two weeks.
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leonard, are you okay? um, i'm not sure. what's going on? well, mrs. latham said she was seriously considering donating money so we could get a cryogenic centrifugal pump... yes! oh, wow! ...then she stuck her tongue down my throat. why? okay, we can't keep explaining everything. read that book we got you. she hit on me. wait-wait-wait. are you telling us that old lady wanted to have sex with you in exchange for giving your department millions of dollars? i think so. you lucky duck. you're really a broken toy, aren't you? i was able to get out of there before anything else happened, but she wants to see me again tomorrow night. excellent! what are you planning to wear? what? penny, you're an expert on trading sexual favors for material gain-- walk him through this. well, n-no, hold on a second, i'm not going to sleep with her.
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but we need a cryogenic centrifugal pump. well, forget it! it's not gonna happen. well, come now, leonard, this may be your only chance to make a real contribution to science! i repeat: not gonna happen. what was all that about me trading sexual favors for material gain? it was a compliment. i believe in giving credit where credit is due. okay, fine. i'll tell him. leonard, mrs. latham's car is here for you. i won't be too late; i'm just gonna make a final pitch for the funding and then say good night. hold on, i have something for you. what's this? just a few things you may need tonight. baby oil, condoms and, uh... a little something i procured from the school of pharmacology. they say it is to viagra as viagra is to a green m&m.
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i am not going to have sex with her. maybe this will overcome your reluctance. i went on the internet and found a photograph of a 25-year-old mrs. latham to get your libido humming. check out those saddle shoes. (purrs playfully) are you insane? i'm not going to prostitute myself just so we can get some new equipment. oh, come on! why not? (groans) good night, sheldon. given how much time you spend engaging in pointless self-abuse, you might consider, just this once, using your genitalia to actually accomplish something! he still won't shag the old lady, huh? no. but thank you for asking. hey. hi. hello, leonard. i hope you're hungry. i'm very hungry. for food, right?
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oh, i made you uncomfortable last night. i'm so sorry. no, that's okay. no, it most certainly is not. leonard, i'm making the donation to your department regardless of what happens between us. really? well, of course. there's no quid pro quo here. you and your colleagues are doing remarkable research, and you deserve the money. oh. then what was last night about? i took a shot; sue me. oh. you're a very handsome man, leonard. thank you. it was foolish of me to think someone your age might ever be interested in someone like me. oh, don't say that. you're a very attractive woman. oh, please. no, it's true. well, aren't you sweet. just for the record... you'd remember a night with me for the rest of your life. i'm sure i would. but why-why, exactly?
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you're a very smart man. how do you think i landed such a rich husband? i hadn't really given it much thought. well, think about it. do you mean...? yep. i'm that good. oh, what the hell. good morning, slut. what? oh, please, i recognize the walk of shame when i see it. all you're missing is a little smeared mascara and a purse with panties wadded up in it. what's going on? oh, nothing's going on. excuse me. are you just getting home? yeah.
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that's a good sign, right? oh, yeah. i'm so proud of you! you sold yourself out like a common streetwalker! no, i didn't do it for the money. she stiffed you? i believe that's what your roommate did to her. what?! again, read the book we gave you. leonard: no, i mean, i-i got the money first. smart. get paid up front. yeah, i think you have a real knack for gigolo work, leonard. uh... i'm gonna go lie down. that's a good idea; get your rest. there are a lot more rich old ladies out there, and daddy needs a new linear accelerator. and i thought he didn't learn anything from his relationship with you. hey! another compliment! learn to recognize them.
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ah, there he is! the man of the hour! he took one for the team! (cheering, whooping) i didn't do it for the money! keep telling yourself that-- it makes it easier. trust me, i know. cool, buddy! that's awesome! yeah! wolowitz: how was she? new at 11, local cops bust a big crowd of middle school kids and discover a fight club, next on 9 news now.
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new at 11, boys being boys or criminal assault. cops discover local middle school kids that have their own fight club. plus, topper's tracking how long todays warm weather will stick around. but first tonight, a nation turns to its president for the state of the union address.
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it could be his last state of the union speech, president barack obama turned the tables on his republican foes who pounded him for months. >> the president echoed many of his familiar theme, improving the economy, creating jobs and a sustainable energy policy. our gary nurenberg is live with more. gary? >> reporter: leslie and anita a state of the union address in an election year poses the challenge of scoring political points without appearing to be political, of setting a presidential agenda for the country while to some extent launching a presidential campaign. >> [applause]. >> with an unemployment rate of 8.5% the economy had to be for a president and for a candidate the primary focus. he pointed a finger at washington. >> the greatest blow to our confidence in our economy last year didn't come from events beyond our control. it came from a debate in
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washington over whether the united states would pay its bills or not. who benefited from that fisaco? >> so he asked congress to aprove new economic measures to help those who struggled. >> and that's why i'm sending this congress a plan that gives every responsible homeowner the chance to save about $3000 a year on their mortgage by refinancing at historically low rates. >> at times, he sounded like a republican saying he wants 75% of offshore oil and gas to be open forex more asian. >> tear down regulations that prevent entrepreneurs from getting the financing to grow. expand tax relief to small businesses that are raising wages and creating good jobs. >> and at times, he sounded like the democrat he is calling for stricter control of financial giants and more taxes on the wealthy as a way to fight the deficit. >> if you make more than a million dollars a year, you should not pay less than 30% in
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taxes. now you can call this class warfare all you want but asking a billionaire to pay as least as much as his secretary in taxes? most americans would call that common sense. >> [applause]. >> he harolded his foreign policy. >> for the first time in nine years, there are no americans fighting in iraq. >> [applause]. >> for the first time in two decades, osama bin laden is not a threat to this country. >> [applause]. >> and praised the troops. >> they aren't consumed with personal ambition. they don't obsess over their differences. they focus on the mission at hand. they work together. imagine what we could accomplish if we followed their example. >> the president said the most immediate priority is extending the payroll tax cut soon due to expire and he also asked congress to extend tuition tax
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credits that will expire in july. when the speech is over members of congress fled to the hall where we are now for something on mad house as elected representatives and senators literally line up for a chance to be on local television. our question to our local delegation? what did you like somewhat didn't you like? >> i liked what he said about investing in solar and wind and all of those things that are renewable energy and, you know, i have some concerns about some of the other investments we might make. >> it was a great speech and when i was listening to that speech i was asking myself how much would be inappropriate for a republican to say. only a few places would it be inappropriate, but you needed to put it in context, but he talked about regulations and mortgages you need to remember that it was over regulation that caused the housing problem, the community reinvestment act which required find things if they didn't make irresponsible loans to people they knew couldn't pay it back. it was more positive than i think many of the people in
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republican leadership thought it would be but this is the last chance and i think there was the implicit message, if you don't work with me, most of these things i can do on my own and that's what i'm going to do but if you want to do it with me where the american people are far better off. >> many of the proposals tonight talked about expanding spending but there still is an imbalance in the spending versus dollars coming in. i want to make sure we get the spending element of this addressed, get our budgets back into balance, address deficits and our national debt. >> interesting that republican bartlett said many times the president sounded like a repluckly can but he also certainly sounded like a democrat, one using many of the plans for the speech tonight in a campaign that began just a couple of hours ago. leslie and anita. >> it certainly did, gary, thank you. well governor mitch daniels of indiana delivered the republican response to president obama's state of the union address. >> no feature of the obama presidency. has been sadder than its constant efforts to divide us,
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to favor with some americans by castigating others. as in previous moments of national damager, we americans are all in the same boat. if we drift, paralyzed over debt, we will all suffer, regardless of income, race, gender or other categories. >> daniels called the president's policies "pro- poverty." the governor said we should not be a nation of haves and have- nots but rather a nation of haves and soon to haves. to read to his cop pleat remarks go to the president did make sure to stop and embrace representative gabrielle giffords before tonights address. she will officially resign on wednesday. before the president came in, giffords received a standing ovation from her colleagues. in other news middle schoolers out for blood. police say they've discovered at least one case of a real- life fight club, but what's even more alarming is the
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participants are kids. our ken molestina has the details. >> reporter: according to police, officers with combing the streets of viennaxe january 13th looking for a missing juvenile. officers say when they got here to this area they found a group of 20 middle schoolers who claim to have been part of a fight club. vienna, it's a medium size town with about 16,000 residents, mostly a quiet suburban community not known for anything quite like this. >> you do not talk about fight club. >> but according to police, a scene similar to something out of the movie fight club happened at least once, the brawlers were kids. >> i'd be pretty surprised if that was happening here. >> police say about 20 middle school boys ranging in age between 11 & 13 got together along the 100 block of park street northeast for a pre- arranged fight. there wasn't any bad blood. they were just doing it for sport and an officer reported seeing two kids wrestling while others watched. >> they were gathered in this
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parking lot and when the officer approached they all scattered in different directions. >> one of the middle schoolers wasn't able to get away and talked to police and told them what they just seen was a fight organized through a juvenile fight club. nobody was hurt. >> they're really young. >> you don't want to hear that's happening but i haven't heard that it's happening. >> while some seemed only mildly bothered by the event others said it's boys just being boys. >> maybe we need a boxing thing here at the community center, i don't know. boys need to get their aggression out and do something with all that pent-up energy and unfortuntely, it would be nice if they were doing athletics, it might be more productive. >> police are not calling this a trend. right now they say they have very little information to continue an investigation into this, however they say they will make note of this and keep this case in the back of their minds. ken molestina, 9 news now. new tonight interesting remarks from d.c. police chief
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kathy lanier on the string of armed robberies. she spoke at a community meeting on what the department is doing. since the first of the year there have been nine armed robberies within three miles of the tinley town metro. police are offering up to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction and chief lanier thinks that incentive will work. >> i can tell you, there is no honor among thieves. when i offer this reward, people will call. they will tell us, they will turn each other in, if for monthing else to eliminate the competition. >> now, two weeks ago, three of the nine holdups happened on the same night within 30 minutes of each other. the victims were all walking on quiet residential streets in northwest, less than three miles apart. police believe the majority if not all of these crimes are related and that they're being perpetrated by a group of two to three men. also new tonight, occupy d.c. demonstrators march down to the capitol to protest the president's state of the union. earlier today though it was the demonstrators that were the
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topic of discussion on the hill. republicans say the obama white house has allowed the camp in mcfearson square to go on illegally. during a hearing the national park service director jonathan jarvis admitted to allowing protesters to sleep in the park to help keep the peace. park police officers will soon begin to enforce the no camping law just like in national parks around the nation. he has not said how or when that will take place. >> mcfearsons, the occupiers under any circumstances unless there's a imagine or health or emergency. you need to make a distinction here that camping is a violation on an individual persons case. >> jarvis testified a few other demonstrations have been allowed to camp out in the mall. there was the farmers protest in 1979, and that lasted seven weeks and there was the peoples campaign in 1968, right after martin luther king jr. was assassinated. that camp site was in place
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about a month. tonight, police agencies are taking a careful look at the supreme court ruling that says gps tracking cannot be done without a warrant. it was a gps tracking device attached to the car of suspected d.c. king antwon jones that resulted in a raid on a bus that netted a million dollars in drugs and cash, but the justices ruled that was unconstitutional. the ruling does not apply for all types of gps tracking, including a suspects cell phone. now this kind of tracking has played critical roles in recent cases including chasing down the killer of young william mcquain. a neighborhood in leesberg is sueing the lowden county school board over a redistricting plan and that would transfer more than 50 children from a school where they can literally see it from their homes to a school miles away. the children now attend tobert elementary and the plan would send them to fredrick douglas which is now under construction. the lawsuit says the school board did not consider
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proximity or community and that it ignored better options for student population and diversity. >> other board member said she voted for it because it made the most sense and no communities were split up. well that was false. >> there were non-public hearings done here, we did hearings in leesburg, put out notices in english and spanish ahead of time, they were well attended, all plans were posted on the website so this was a fair boundary process. >> the school systems public information officer says in order for the board to reconsider the decision it would have to redo the entire procedure, including another four months of public hearings. today the late football coach joe paternox was remembered at penn state. >> and there's so many people that want to honor him, but for me personally, it was an honor to know him. >> thousands, thousands of mourners came to pay their respects creating a very emotional scene in happy valley. former and current players along with fellow coaches came
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to honor the coach in major college football. he died on sunday more than two months after he was fired amid the child sex abuse scandall involving a former coaching assistant. his family will hold a private funeral for paterno tomorrow. so far, so good. tonight no major trouble has been reported due to a solar storm hitting earth, a huge flare recently erupted on the surface of the sun, that's what we're looking at and over the past few days it sent streams of radiation bouncing around earth's magnetic field and it was expected to peak today or tomorrow and there will be concerns the radiation could disrupt things like satellite communication, but again no major trouble has been reported so far around the globe. topper? yeah, i was looking for the northern lights. sometimes that's a treat if you have a large solar flare. i did not see the northern lights here. here is your wake up weather just on the chilly side. i mean temperatures in the 30s but clear in the morning, 30s by7:00, and up to the 40s by 9:00 under partly to mostly sunny skies. we'll come back and talk about
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how cold it's going to be tomorrow and it will be cooler and we'll let you know when you need your umbrella. still ahead tonight, google is watching you, whether you like it or not. the internet giant announces troubling changes to its privacy policy that expose your personal info. that's coming up next.
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google today announced new privacy settings and a privacy policy the company says will provide you with a simpler experience across all of its platforms. it will also provide google with some additional revenue. so everybodies happy, right? not exactly. as matt tells us, privacy experts and many people who use google have a different take on this new policy. >> it is a big deal. >> as a long time user of gmail, google's e-mail service, david jacobs says he's not happy at all about the changes in google's privacy policy. >> i think it makes it a lot harder for google users such as myself to control their personal data. >> as the consumer privacy fellow with the electronic privacy information center, jacobs says google's new policy makes him extremely nervous. >> this is google knowing basically everything about what
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you do and taking that information and making money off of it. >> according to jacobs there are two especially troubling changes to google's privacy policy. first, the company has various entities including google search, gmail, google maps and youtube will now share information gathered about its users. >> they are going to know more about you than your spouse. >> second users will not have the option to opt out. in other words, not to have their information shared. >> that's not a meaningful choice. >> instead their only option will be to stop using google services altogether. >> google knows that you're not just going to stop using it. >> which jacobs says most people probably won't do. no matter how much they object to the new privacy policy. >> how is that legal? >> and an opinion supported by people we spoke with outside the apple store in georgetown. people who said they don't like the new privacy policy but would not stop using google. >> gmail and everything is too widespread. there's no way i would stop. >> it makes perfect sense why they would want to do that and
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no sense why i'd want to have my information like that. >> the new policies go into effect march 1. google executives tonight declined our request for an interview but perhaps they will speak with you so if you'd like to voice your opinion about the privacy policies, the telephone number for google's corporate offices in california is 650-253-0000. anita? >> okay, matt, thank you. caught on tape, a dramatic avalanche rescue. this is in washington state. a group of friends decide to go snowmobiling one afternoon and within seconds of this video starting a wave of snow comes rolling down literally burying john swanson alive. his friends quickly rush over, start to dig him out. john says the only saving grace is they knew exactly where to look. he says it felt like he was sitting in a frozen concrete block but he wasn't hurt. it's pretty amazing when you consider how much snow was on top of him. >> you're supposed to swim, they can move 200 miles an
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hour, and they only get to you in the first 45 minutes then it's like oh,, way way down. well we're looking at actually a little temperature correction from the 50s to the 40s. we can handle that. there's nothing arctic on the horizon. let's start with a live shot. this is a live shot and white house just about to go dark here. temperature wise, we're looking at temperatures still above average, high was 54 today, we're only 39 at national, dew points only 37, so when the dew point is at 37 it's hard to fall below the dew point unless you get a horizontal transport of dryer air and now the winds are calm so temperatures 41, bethesda 43 in rockville, and these would not be out of the ordinary during the afternoon, quite frankly. 35 in great falls, 36 in sterling and 39 again downtown and still 43 in arlington, still 42 up in beltsville. well here is the deal. you'll need your shades for the morning commute. pretty much pure sunshine so
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coming in 66, coming around the spur, grab your shades. it will be dry for both commutes and that said a little bit cooler wednesday and there will be afternoon clouds wednesday by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 and then well locate your umbrella for thursday. not a power pack storm coming here but there will be some light rain and showers developing thursday morning, so overnight, we'll just call it clear to partly cloudy and chilly, one blanket night, lows in the 30s, winds northwest at 10-15 after midnight and we get into tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and chilly, grab your shades really quite respectable for january and 30s and 40s, winds northwest at 10 and sun now comes up at 7:20 and goes down about 5:21, so that means 10 hours of daylight, that's pretty important if you're a plant. mostly sunny and cooler, partly cloudy and cooler, some clouds come in late tomorrow. you still need a light jacket but that's about it. high temperatures 44-48 and that kind of shaves a couple degrees off, winds northwesterly at 10. so high temperatures downtown
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upper 40s, some mid 40s, reston 47, 45 in sterling and 47 in college park and 47 over in buoy so we'll break it down for you then. in the morning it will be chilly, 30s but clear and by noon 42-46, partly cloudy and by evening 44-48, some clouds coming in, high and mid level clouds that will stay dry and the next three days looks like this. we get into thursday and rain and showers, not again a power pack system, upper 40s, mondaying showers friday and look what happens, milder back in the mid 50s friday. next seven days it will get colder over the weekend, a slight chance of rain saturday, low confidence at this point but colder, temperatures mid 40s and really cold on sunday, mid 30s and flurries, upper 30s on monday and typical of this winter we bounce back into the 50s next tuesday. >> at least the kids will like the flurries over the weekend. >> this kid will too. >> the biggest kid of all


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